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our founder


Candice E. Cox, MSW, LCSW is the Executive Director of KHAOS Incorporated. Candice holds a BSW from Southeast Missouri State University and an MSW from St. Louis University. 


Candice works daily to be a catalyst in the lives of others to propel them forward while creating programs that introduce and implement social, communication, and positive resolution techniques. She is a phenomenal and well-sought after motivational speaker, author, educator, curriculum developer. She has spoken at educational conferences, led keynote events, facilitated community workshops, and appeared in online and media publications across the nation.

Since 2004, she has provided licensed clinical services to children and families in community mental health settings. Over the years, she identified the distinct need for additional resources and approaches in mental health advocacy and treatment and in 2012 started A&A Inspirations, a psychotherapy private practice for children and families.

Candice utilizes innovative and experiential treatment modalities to shift mental health approaches from being “labeled” to “living beyond labels.” She published her first therapeutic children’s book in 2016, Please Oh Please, which centers teaching coping and skill building for children with ADHD. Candice is now a best-selling author of several books and journals as well as a winner of several humanitarian awards.

our history

Candice is a self-proclaimed KHAOS kid. While experiencing her own challenges with attention and concentration, being abandoned by her father, and having a mother who lives with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), she developed the motto, “Keep living and overcoming struggles,” as a source of personal motivation and encouragement.

Having grown up in a community where many children experienced living in stressful and toxic environments, Candice knew that there were children who lacked social and emotional coping skills, just as she had growing up. She then envisioned ways to intervene as a source of support and education and grew her motto of perseverance into what is now known as the KHAOS™ Mindset.

The KHAOS™ mindset applies CBT principles to guide community members in enriching their skills to manage their complex trauma symptoms. Since 2004, Candice has worked with schools and community centers to teach emotional wellness and intelligence to children who did not have the privilege of learning these skills within their home and educational environments.

Up until 2015, the KHAOS™ mindset was mainly implemented with children and adolescents. However, toxic and traumatic stress impacts all of us and as Candice learned firsthand, adults who do not have the skills and support for managing stress and mental wellness will impact the lives of their children. So, in 2015, Candice began to expand her reach to include first responders and corporate mental health initiatives. And as Candice believes and is passionate about meeting individuals where they are to assist them with getting to where they want to be in life, the KHAOS™ mindset is an approach that can be implemented in diverse settings and communities.

our initiative

Our Mission

KHAOS Incorporated is committed to increasing mental and emotional literacy for children and adults impacted by toxic and traumatic stress. We provide psychoeducation on trauma, trauma-informed care, community practice recommendations, and support community members in achieving their full potential.


Our Vision

A world in which communities embody the core value of mental health and wellness is DOPE (Done On Purpose Everyday).



Of the community members we serve, more than 79% implement at least one KHAOS in their daily practice.


Of the youth we serve, more than 71% experience toxic stress.


Of the professionals we serve, more than 65% recognized their childhood trauma impact their life currently.

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