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The KHAOS Mindset

The KHAOS Mindset is a nonclinical and customizable social and emotional learning tool kit that teaches effective coping strategies to lessen the impacts of chronic trauma. The aim of this mental health prevention and promotion program is to provide youth ages 8-18 with social-emotional tools to navigate the impacts of adverse childhood experiences, mediate the effects of intergenerational trauma, enhance self-identity, and bolster coping strategies.


Community Workshops

We have a unique way of taking psychoeducation and simplifying it so that individuals understand that while there is nothing wrong with them, there are traumas they may have experienced that force cognitions and behaviors that lead to negative outcomes. Through storytelling and experience sharing we create an environment conducive for prosocial bonding that decreases community stigmatization of mental health.

Professional Development

We offer professional development for administrators, educators, and other interested organizations. These professional developments provide administrators and educators with the tools to assess, address, and reduce the impact of toxic and traumatic stress. The function of these consultative services is to enhance a multi-layered approach to intervention by addressing systems and structural policies that do not center youth needs.


Therapy Services

We partner with A&A Inspirations to provide therapy to our community. A&A inspirations understand that there are times when a person needs someone to process, listen, and assist them with mental health struggles. For this reason, we offer several treatment modalities to meet each client where they are. We also offer both virtual and in person, individual and family coaching and therapy as we understand that individuals are affected by their environments.

Chaos is not a noun, it is an adjective.

We believe the response is Chaotic because of the flight, fight, freeze or fawn trauma responses. However, anyone can learn how to go from Can’t Help Acting Out Severely (CHAOS), to Keep Healing And Overcoming Struggles (KHAOS).


I really appreciated how the information was presented in relation to students we might work with every day. The back stories were engaging and made the information more relatable. I really appreciated all of the acronyms as well. I can see myself using them, as well as practicing them with students. Thank you for your time and sharing your expertise. I hope to continue to learn more about ways I can help students. 

-Cherie St. Louis Public Schools

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