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"Breaking Chains" is not merely a journal—it is a lifeline, crafted with profound empathy and understanding, specifically for black men embarked on a crucial journey of self-discovery. Authored by M.L. Thomas, who navigates the emotional landscapes with you, this journal invites you to confront and embrace your deepest feelings. It tells you that it's more than okay to feel; it's essential.


Navigating themes of resilience, identity, and forgiveness, "Breaking Chains" offers exercises and prompts that reach into the soul of men who have grown up without a father. Each page serves as a step toward reclaiming your emotional strength and forging a powerful sense of self.

With each entry, you are encouraged to reflect, allowing you to shape your own narrative and transform your experiences into pillars of growth and empowerment. This journal is a sanctuary where your thoughts and feelings can be expressed freely, fostering a journey towards healing and understanding.


"Breaking Chains" stands as a guide, a companion, and a testament to the power that comes from facing one's emotions head-on. It offers a beacon of hope and a promise of solidarity to those who may feel lost or alone. Through its pages, you are invited to redefine your life's story, finding strength and resilience in the honesty of your own words. Engage with this journal, and allow it to transform your journey into a triumphant narrative of healing and self-awareness.

Fatherless Black Men

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