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Raw Fact: You are not a disappointment, a mess, or a failure! No matter who or what may make you think that you are. Realize: Your choices and actions may be disappointing at times. You may have failed. You may even have messy tendencies. But, YOU are none of those labels. Be careful about how you frame your circumstances. Admit: It feels like the struggle is never ending when you are sitting in a room alone with your fears, situations, and hardships. It's hard! Especially when others are stomping on your dreams and criticizing your struggle. But, YOU got this! Work: Understand, you will lose friends, money, jobs, lovers, houses, cars, etc. throughout your life. Often it will hurt to the core and stun you for a moment. Allow yourself to feel the emotions. Just don't allow yourself to shut off and go on autopilot. You need you more than anything when everything falls around you. Be still, connect to your spirit, and find peace in the guidance that you receive! Take a moment and allow yourself to be still! Close your eyes, breathe - deep and long, repeat: My hardships are the lessons that sharpen my armor throughout the battles in life. I struggle, I learn, I shift, I rise! I got this! ‪#‎yougotthis‬ ‪ This R.A.W. journal is a tool to assist all who work it with learning how to Keep Healing And Overcoming Struggles.


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