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Meet Christina, a little girl with a big personality and even bigger feelings. Sometimes, Christina feels like a volcano that's ready to erupt! She lives with something called oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), which means she often has a hard time keeping her cool when her emotions bubble up.


In her book, Christina invites you to learn about her daily adventures and the challenges she faces. She shares stories about how it feels to suddenly explode and how this affects her friendships and time at school.


Christina is on a journey to discover new ways to express her feelings and calm her inner volcano. She's learning new skills every day and working hard to make things better. Christina has a heartfelt request for everyone: "Please, oh please, be patient with me."


Join Christina as she explores the power of understanding and patience, and learn how everyone can help make the world a kinder place for those with big feelings.

Please Oh Please Be PATIENT With Me: ODD

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