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Meet Nevaeh, a brave little girl with a big story to share. Nevaeh has something called PTSD, which means sometimes things around her can make her feel scared or upset even when she’s safe. This can make school and home a bit tricky, because her feelings surprise her sometimes!

In her book, Nevaeh takes you on a journey through her world, showing you the challenges she faces and the special skills she’s learning to feel better. She’s discovering ways to calm down and feel safe, even when things seem overwhelming.


Nevaeh has a big request for all the grown-ups: she needs a little extra patience. She’s working really hard, and a little kindness makes a huge difference!


Join Nevaeh as she teaches us about courage, understanding, and how everyone needs a helping hand sometimes.

Please Oh Please Be Patient With Me: PTSD

  • All books will be shipped within 3-5 days.

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